Probation Violation

Probation Violation Attorney in Wilmington, North Carolina

Feinberg Law Firm has been defending our clients’ rights through probation violation matters for over six years. We are ready to fight for you whether you’ve been accused of violating probation by failing a drug test, being unable to find or keep a steady job, or allegedly committing another crime, we’re here to represent your rights! 

When someone remains compliant with the terms and conditions established for their probation, they can go to work, continue their life with their family, and generally enjoy their freedom.

Typical probation conditions could include:

  • Periodically reporting to a probation officer
  • Finding a job
  • Drug and/or alcohol testing
  • Avoiding contact with certain people
  • Attending a drug/alcohol treatment program

The terms of probation vary significantly in misdemeanor and felony cases. If you have failed any of the terms of your probation, and are looking for top-quality representation, contact Feinberg Law Firm today! We are committed to carefully understanding your specific situation and, based on that unique scenario, providing you with the best defense possible.


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